Ropkey Armor Museum, X-14 Exhibit Returns, 2012

The Bell X-14 aircraft exhibit from the Ropkey Armor Museum returns from display at the Children’s Museum. The aircraft was included in the Curious Scientific Investigators: Flight Adventures exhibit. This all aluminum experimental aircraft was built by Bell Aircraft Corporation as a VTOL test platform. It was flown from 1957 through 1981 by over 25 test pilots.

RAMX14BReturn01.jpg RAMX14BReturn02.jpg RAMX14BReturn03.jpg RAMX14BReturn04.jpg RAMX14BReturn05.jpg
RAMX14BReturn06.jpg RAMX14BReturn07.jpg RAMX14BReturn08.jpg RAMX14BReturn09.jpg RAMX14BReturn10.jpg
RAMX14BReturn11.jpg RAMX14BReturn12.jpg RAMX14BReturn13.jpg RAMX14BReturn14.jpg

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