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Student Produced Congressional Award Video
As a student, Robert Rowlett created this video showcasing the museum. For his efforts he received The Congressional Award Gold Medal - the highest honor bestowed upon young people by the U.S. Congress.
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M4A3E8 76 Field Run
Watch this Sherman take to the field and tackle a small hill.
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M4A3E8 76 Gets dirty
The Sherman takes a detour through a large mud hole.
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Across Indiana
Interview from Across Indiana cable program.
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1990 Military Vehicle Collectors Club Gathering
The following gallery contains segments from a video of the 1990 Military Vehicle Collectors Club gathering held at the Ropkey Armor Museum. This video was created by Michael Miserendino.
Aircraft, Stearman  
Various aircraft were on display and flying at the show.
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Aircraft, Stearman  
More aircraft
See more aircraft from the show.
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M48 Patton, Tanks  
M48 Patton
An M48 Patton leaves its facility to join up for the show finale.
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M4A3 Sherman
The Sherman used in the movie Tank leaves its shelter.
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Aircraft return
All aircraft return before the tanks take to the field.
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Sexton and Duster
A Sexton and M42 Duster make their way to the convoy.
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M24 Chaffee and Duster
An M24 Chaffee and another Duster join up.
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Tanks get ready for show finale
Various tanks line up at the end of the field into a formation.
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Rolling thunder
The formation drives across the field in an impressive display of armored vehicles.
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Armored Cars, Military, Trucks, Jeeps, HMMWV, Humvees, Hummers  
Trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
A long convoy of wheeled military vehicles takes a trip to visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
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Armored Cars, Military, Trucks, Jeeps, HMMWV, Humvees, Hummers, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IMS, Indianapolis, Indiana  
Lapping at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway
After arriving at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the convoy takes a parade lap around the track.
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